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It’s an undeniable fact, Meris truly is paving the way for the future of musical effects right now.

While Meris may be still seen to many as a fledgling company, the industry experience contained within the team spans several decades. Founder Terry Burton and lead DSP engineer Angelo Mazzocco have achieved seminal work at industry leaders Strymon and Line6 respectively. Now add creative director Jinna Kim’s massive branding experience and it’s no wonder that Meris currently make the best looking and best sounding effects in the business.

Whether you’re looking for lush cinematic ambience, otherworldly modulated echoes, bit-crushed arpeggios or pro studio mic-preamps, you’ll find it all in Meris’ spectacular range of compact pedals and 500-series modules.

But that’s not all, with the latest releases of Meris’ Enzo and Hedra pedals, both guitar players and other sonic experimentalists can get all the polyphonic synth and pitchshifting tones they ever dreamt of, from pedals that require no special pickups/connections etc. and all with flawless tracking.

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