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About Diago

Diago design & engineer innovative products for musicians. We focus on making high quality, indispensable products that are low on gimmicks and high on functionality. They each do one job very well and are always wrapped up with some beautiful industrial design and branding.

As musicians, our buying choices are generally driven by two fundamental needs: those that help us make great music (instruments etc.), and those that remove the barriers to making great music (problem solvers).

Diago don't do hand built, point-to-point wired, beige snakeskin covered 'cos it sounds better' custom amps. It's frivolous, pointless, (not to mention tasteless) and above anything, out of most peoples' budget.

If you're after quality, easy to use products that help you, or leave you with more time to do what you really enjoy - making music - you're in the right place.


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