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Solid State Logic

Solid State Logic was founded in 1969 by the late Colin Sanders CBE. The company’s first products were switching systems for pipe organs for which Colin coined the phrase 'Solid State Logic' as a descriptor.

Colin then started Acorn Studios in the village of Stonesfield, Oxfordshire, where he lived, and began making his own consoles. By 1976 he had built the first A Series console; a total of two were made and sold. Always committed to improving things, the console was reinvented as the SL 4000 B Series, the first of which was made in 1976. Six B Series consoles were built and the beginnings of SSL’s international business commenced.

Populært i SSL

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL 12 USB Audio Interface ...

    Varenr SSL-729705X1

    Class-leading performance, in the studio and on the road  The Solid State Logic...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL 2 USB Audio Interface ...

    Varenr SSL-729702X1

    SSL 2 / SSL 2+ USB Audio Interfaces More than an audio interface Solid State Logic...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL 2+ USB Audio Interface ...

    Varenr SSL-729704X1

    SSL 2 / SSL 2+ USB Audio Interfaces More than an audio interface Solid State Logic...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL 500-Series UltraViolet ...

    Varenr SSL-729734X1

    SSL ULTRAVIOLET Equaliser The SSL 500 Series ULTRAVIOLET Stereo Equaliser takes the...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL B-DYN 611B 500-Series 4KB ...

    Varenr SSL-729737X1

    Solid State Logic B-DYN 611B 500 Series Module Aggressive character compressor with...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL Delta-Link MADI OptiCoax ...

    Varenr SSL-726906XX

    MADI Opti-Coax MADI (Multi-channel Audio Digital Interface) is an established...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL Fusion Stereo Master ...

    Varenr SSL-729740X1

    Fusion is an all-analogue 2U stereo outboard processor created for the modern hybrid...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL The Bus+ 2-kanals ...

    Varenr SSL-729743X1

    The Legend... Updated. If there is a single piece of analogue processing equipment...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL UC1 Plug-in Controller

    Varenr SSL-726580X1

    SSL Plug-in Controller UC1 is a hardware plug-in controller like no other. Dedicated...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL UF1 DAW Control Centre

    Varenr SSL-726570X1

    UF1 DAW Control Centre
 UF1 is the ultimate single fader controller for anyone...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL UF8 Advanced DAW ...

    Varenr SSL-726490X1

    UF8 er en ny DAW kontroller som er designet for teknikere, produsenter og artister som...

  • SSL
    Bilde av SSL UF8 Rackmount Kit

    Varenr SSL-726490XR

    Rackmonteringskit til SSL UF8

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