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EarthQuaker Devices

EarthQuaker Devices

handmade tools

launchpads for sonic exploration and aural innovation

If you’re a stompbox fan, it’s hard not to be bowled over by the creative releases from EarthQuaker Devices.

Since 2004, the firm (started by former Black Keys road manger Jamie Stillman) has been building guitar effect pedals entirely by hand in lovely Akron, Ohio USA.

With a product line that is the equivalent of a stompbox candy store, EarthQuaker’s impressive line of killer fuzz and distortion boxes has morphed into a multi-headed Hydra-beast that seems to now turn out new sound-manipulation tools faster than Apple cranks out iThingys!

These days, EarthQuaker’s irreverence and sonic adventurism finds the company as willing to toy with analog circuits for purists, as DSP pedals for bold experimentalists, all at the same time as carving out an enviable position in the boutique pedal market while building a legion of fans.

From their line of reverb and delay pedals, a line of unconventional pitch shifting and octave machines, to quirky modulation boxes and all the way through to some of the best drives, distortions and fuzzes on the market, EarthQuaker Devices will certainly let your creative juices flow.

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