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Suhr Bella Reverb 1x12 Combo Gitarforsterker

Art.nr: 02-BEL-0027
Ikkje på lager, ca. 4-7 dagers leveringstid, så lenge varen er på lager hos leverandør.

Bella is a portable, American voiced, hand-wired, all-tube amplifier, designed to be the ideal grab-n-go amplifier and the ultimate platform for your pedalboard. Bella’s simple and easy to use controls (including Boost and 3-position Bright switch) make it a snap to tailor the amp to your favorite boost, overdrive, fuzz and distortion pedals; while the effects loop is the ideal place for all of your chorus, flange, delay, and reverb pedals.

Bella is powered by a duet of 6L6GC power tubes that deliver either 22 or 44 Watts of Class A/B power and is available in a head or combo format, with or without reverb.


Each Bella amplifier is meticulously hand wired, assembled, and tested in our Lake Elsinore, CA factory.


The Bella can be selected to run at either 44 or 22 watts. Choose 44 watts when you need the boldest tone with the most clean headroom. Choose 22 watts when you want the amp to break up sooner and at lower volumes.


TWO POSITION BOOST: This 2-position switch varies Bella’s input gain stage via the front panel or the footswitch (sold separately) jack located on the back of the amplifier. Engaging the boost provides +6dB of boost at the first gain stage.

THREE POSITION BRIGHT: The bright switch has three selections available.

  • In the down position: the Bright switch is out of the circuit.
  • In the middle position: Bella introduces a modest amount of brightness that brings out the guitar’s upper frequencies.
  • If you desire more organic chime, set Bella’s Bright switch to the up position. This position naturally opens up the top-end, allowing all of your guitar’s higher frequencies to shine through.


Bella is equipped with a full-featured, all-tube series effects loop which performs equally well with pedals and line-level rack gear via the loop’s independent send and return controls. The effects loop was designed to be extremely clean and transparent, making it the ultimate effects platform.


Bella has been specially designed with your pedals in mind and it’s the ultimate, clean, pedal platform. It responds to virtually any pedal in a tone-full way and even the bright switch is friendly with most overdrives and distortions.

OUTPUT: Switchable 44/22 Watts RMS
EFFECTS LOOP: Tube driven, buffered, with independent send and return levels.
SPEAKER: Celestion V-Type (60 Watts)
FRONT PANEL: Input, Boost Switch (2-Position), Bright Switch (3-Position), Volume, Treble, Bass, and Presence, Standby/Wattage Selector Switch, and On/Off Power Switch
BACK PANEL: Mains Input Inlet, Mains Fuse, H.T. Fuse, Speaker Impedance Selector: (2Ω, 4Ω, & 8Ω), 2-External Speaker Outputs, Effects Loop Return Level, Return and Send Jacks, Send Level, In/Out Switch and Boost Footswitch* Jack. *Footswitch sold separately.
DIMENSIONS: 24” (W) x 9.90” (D) x 19.50” (H)
WEIGHT: 51lbs



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At Suhr, we don’t merely produce some of the finest hand-crafted guitars and amplifiers – we produce dreams that inspire musical passion and artistic creativity. Our fervent dedication to the highest standards of quality possible, our fanatical attention to detail, our ears for tone, and our love for music, are all evident in everything we produce.

The passion to be the very best possible is the underlying current of what Suhr is all about. The vision of John Suhr is to design and produce the best musical instruments and electronics possible. From there the skill of experienced master craftsmen, technological know-how, and the hard work of dedicated employees who truly love what they’re doing take over to produce modern works of art that discriminating artists and musicians will savor for a lifetime.

The greatest asset of Suhr Guitars is the people, a tight knit team of people focused on building the very best and satisfying the most discriminating players. In the end, it’s all about the journey of creating, not the destination. We hope that you will join us on the adventure!

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