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Sony MDR-MV1 Open Headphones 5 Hz - 80 kHz

Art.nr: SON-MDR-MV1
Ikkje på lager, ca. 4-7 dagers leveringstid, så lenge varen er på lager hos leverandør.

Studio monitor sound for mixing and mastering
High spatial sound space reproducibility possible with carefully tuned open-back acoustic structure can support Mixing and Mastering of Spatial Sound as well as Stereo Sound with High-Resolution capability. Well-balanced and uncolored frequency response from low to super-high range (5Hz – 80 kHz) , High- Resolution and clear sound realizes to express the details of various sound sources exactly as it is.

Excellent wearing comfort
Excellent wearing comfort support creators works. Light weight, soft and stable fitting realizes the superior comfort for long time working or listening to create music contents

Spatial sound creation in the headphones
Accurate each sound object positions and movements in the 360-degree sound space enables “Spatial Sound Creation in the headphones”, that is as close as possible to a speaker-based production environment.

Learn more about 360RA production https://www.sony.net/Products/create360RA/

Stereo sound creation with High- Resolution capability
By reproducing sound sources neutrally with High-Resolution capability, each sound element can be monitored accurately. It also improves the quality of work during mixing and mastering by making it easier to capture localization, spaciousness, and detailed changes in sound processing.

Carefully tuned Open-back acoustic structure
The open-back acoustic structure can get natural surrounding sound like speaker reproduction environment. The structure also does not generate inherent reflected sound in the housing; therefore, it is optimal for spatial sound signal processing, which reproduces the reverberant characteristics of virtual spaces.

Newly developed HD driver units
Newly developed HD driver units optimized for open-back acoustic structure realizes rich low frequency range reproductivity even in the open housing and super high frequency range at a same time (5Hz– 80kHz)This is achieved through the curved corrugation diaphragm shape and Tri-duct structure.

Detachable cables for professional use
The cable plug uses a 6.3 stereo standard plug widely used in production scenes. By using the bundled plug adapter, it is also possible to connect to devices with 3.5 stereo mini jacks. The connection part to the main unit is detachable with a screw system, allowing for secure connection and cable replacement


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