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Sony F-780 Dynamisk Vokalmikrofon

Art.nr: SON-F-780
Normalt 4-10 dagers leveringstid, så lenge varen er på lager hos leverandør.

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The F-780 is a high quality vocal microphone, designed for the most critical applications on stage and in the studio applications. It features a rugged dynamic capsule and a voice emphasised frequency response.
High quality audio
The F-780 has been designed to deliver exceptually high quality vocal pick-up either on stage or in the studio. The microphone has an extended and voice emphasis frequency response, low handling noise and impressive senstivity.
Rugged construction
The F-780 should be able to withstand years for use, as it has a high robust construction.
Easy to use
The microphones tuned requency response and cardioid directivity, make it easy to use.
Capsule Type Dynamic
Frequency Response 50 Hz to 18 kHz
Directivity Uni-Directional
Sensitivity *[1] -54 dB ±2 dB
Output Impedance *[2] 400O±20%, Balanced
Induction Noise From External Magnetic Field *[3] 5 dB SPL or less
Wind Noise *[4] Less than 50 dB SPL


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