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Lewitt BEATKIT Mikrofonsett for trommer

Ikkje på lager, ca. 4-7 dagers leveringstid, så lenge varen er på lager hos leverandør.

The BEATKIT is exactly what you need to start micing or amplifying your drums with fantastic sound. It includes four selected models developed specifically for drums, with dynamic and condenser capsules to help you to achieve great results fast and easily. 

The BEATKIT comes with microphone clips, microphone mounts, and windscreens

Box contents

  •             1x DTP 340 REX
  •             1x MTP 440 DM
  •             1x LCT 040 MATCH stereo pair
  •             2x microphone clips for pencil mics
  •             1x microphone mount for dynamic mic
  •             2x LCT 40 Ws - windscreen



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We push microphone technology forward.

We believe that great sound is for everyone, whether you're recording at home, on stage or in the studio as a beginner or professional. 

To make sure that nothing limits your performance on the technical side, we're here to push microphone technology forward.

For us, it is key that our microphones help you to accomplish your ambitions easily and with better sound than ever before.

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