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Fluid Audio C5W Aktive Studiomonitorer 5" (par) Hvit

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The Fluid Audio C Series studio monitor is a budget studio-quality speaker for recording professionals. All of the features have been carefully chosen because they solve problems that many consumers see with speakers found on the market today. Spending the time to the get the Fluid C Series sounding right, we set out to create a monitor that is comfortable as your workhorse as it is your favorite listening speaker after the session is over. Our aim is to create your first set of studio monitors, but also a seamless listening experience – and a more Fluid workflow.

Accuracy and Control
Whether you’re tracking, mixing, or just listening to your favorite CD, your monitors are your primary source of reference.
Accurate monitors are an invaluable tool in your arsenal of music and video production, so you need some assurance that your mixes will translate well to your audience’s speakers. Fluid monitors have not only the depth of soundstage and sonic clarity that allow you to hear even the most subtle of reverb trails.

Advanced Driver Technology
The Fluid C5W monitor features driver technology that focuses on the details. The composite pulp cones are light and rigid, yet well damped.
The PEI diaphragm tweeters are mounted in such a way to provide an ultra-flat response usable to 22kHz. Mounted to a specially designed wave guide, the tweeter is able to be crossed over at a lower frequency –creating better off-axis response and more output across the mid-band of the device. By pushing the tweeter back slightly, it allows it to be time-aligned with the woofer, resulting in remarkable imaging.
Paired with an optimized rear port, the low frequency driver delivers articulate, dynamic bass response – all in an extremely compact footprint.


  • 50 watts of Class A/B power for coherent and accurate sound reproduction
  • 5” low-frequency drivers with composite paper cones for powerful and dynamic lows
  • 1" PEI diaphragm mounted to a specially designed wave guide. Creating an better off-axis response.
  • 1/4” balanced and RCA unbalanced inputs for connecting mixers, interfaces, instruments, DJ gear, and more
  • Includes two isolation pads



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