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Akai MPK Mini Mk3 Black Midi Keyboard og Controller

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The best made better

Your entry-point into a world of pro production starts here. Introducing the MPK mini mk3, the third iteration of the world's legendary best-selling mini keyboard controller that redefined how a generation of creators makes music.

25 Mini Keys Featuring New Keybed Technology | Brilliant OLED Display for Immediate Parameter Feedback | 8 MPC Performance Pads w/ Note Repeat and Full Level in two banks (16 total) | 8 Endless Knobs to tweak your software parameters | 4-way Joystick for Pitch & Modulation Control | Class-Compliant USB Connectivity | Built-in Arpeggiator | Sustain Pedal Input Jack | Superior, Sturdy Design & Build

Everything the modern producer demands is here: Universal compatibility for instant integration with your favorite host music production application; it's compact size makes it an ideal travel companion; its arsenal of pads and assignable controls let you take complete command of every aspect of your production; the new Gen 2 enhanced dynamic keybed guarantees your performance is captured with every subtle infection of your delivery.

For the beginner, MPK mini is a complete package with every tool you need to create hit songs from the get-go. For the working professional, MPK mini is the ultimate musical Swiss Army knife, ready to deliver on any musical task. Every song starts somewhere, so rid yourself of any roadblocks by starting your next hit with MPK mini.



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